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Qualibeech S.L. - European Beech Sawmill, Catalunya

empresa de Aserraderos en Vidrà - Girona

Qualibeech S.L. is an European Beech Sawmill, dedicated to sawing, drying and selling European Beech Timber, specialized in three product lines: beech planks, beech squares and beech profiles.

All the products are available in tailor-made sizes that best fit the needs of our clients, meet the highest quality standards according to the european rules, and are sourced from sustainably and environment-friendly managed french and spanish forests [guaranteed by PEFC].

Our strengths and what our clients value the most are our ability to adjust the sizes of the planks squares and profiles according to their specifications; and the quality of our products because the drying process we follow thanks to the climatic conditions of our area.

Qualibeech S.L. is located in Catalonia (Spain), 90km to the north of Barcelona. In this area we find the climate conditions, temperature and humidity of the Mediterranean climate, that favor the drying process of the wood and allows us to obtain and offer beech wood of clear and homogeneous color.

empresa de Aserraderos en Vidrà - Girona

empresa de Aserraderos

Crta. de Ciuret S/N
17515 - Vidrà
Vidrà, Barcelona
+34 93 852 90 19
Indizze: 69 puntos
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La empresa en el directorio

Crta. de Ciuret S/N, 17515, Vidrà, Girona, España

servicios - empresas de Aserraderos en Vidrà y Girona

Beech sawmill, Beech planks, Beech squares, Beech profiles, White beech, Not steamed beech, White beech, Beech PEFC, Quality beech, Beech elements.

Al estar en Vidrà tambi�n le pueden interesar servicios como empresa de Aserraderos cerca de Santa Maria de Besora, Sant Quirze de Besora, Montesquiu, Vall den Bas, Preses, Sora y Sant Pere de Torello.

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