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Iberlegal - Law property, Legal/tax services throughout Spain, Lawyers in Murcia

Abogado de derecho inmobiliario en Cartagena - Murcia

Lawyer ,attorney, counsel or solicitor in Spain
We are specialist in law property, social security cards, tax returns, company set up, will,wills, inheritance, and in general assistance. Iber-Legal provide legal/tax services throughout Spain.
Lawyers in Murcia, Spain
Our services:

Iberlegal recognizes that cross-border activities offer both an opportunity and a challenge. Our goal is to ensure that you always receive the best possible legal advice in an international environment.

As our client, you will receive legal advice on your legal transactions in spain from attorneys who have extensive experience in providing international legal services.

Our law firm's main focus lies in the international transactions of enterprises from other member states of the European Union. Our attorneys are admitted to the bar both in Spain and England. Our working languages are Spanish, English, and German.

Year this Office was Established: 1990

Practice Areas Description

- Legal Advice in Cross-border Matters

Our specialists' long experience and emphasis on teamwork form the basis of effective legal expert advice in your cross-border activities. We have specialized expertise particularly in the following fields: mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, incorporation and joint ventures; building projects, especially industrial construction; international trade and marketing; arbitration, litigation, and debt collection.

- International Transactions

As a small, innovative market, Spain is an attractive target for investments of medium-sized enterprises as well as multinational groups. Secure the fruits of your investment by utilizing specialized legal advice! Through their many years of experience, our attorneys are familiar with the special questions that arise for international enterprise acting in Spain. We want to make sure that you and your business partner speak the same language even across borders. Our most important international clients for transactions in Spain are the sectors of industrial construction, IT, trade, and franchising.

- Expert Advice for Finnish Businesses

The Spanish legal system as well as Spain business culture, however, may offer some surprises to English businesses. In order to make sure that business success is not endangered by legal obstacles, we accompany the business activities of our Spanish clients with specialized legal advice. Special focus of our advice for the German market lies within the following fields: company acquisitions, marketing networks, branch offices, and subsidiaries; day-to-day advice in international trade; international co-operation, sale of installations, industrial construction, and other project transactions.

- Private Clients and their International Matters

Our specialists are able to offer comprehensive advice and act on your behalf in private legal matters. The provision of advice in cases with foreign connections, is one of our particular strengths. We offer specialized advice particularly on: international property issues, in particular succession in property rights; arrangement of legal relations in inheritance law and estate settlement; labor law; real estate law; Litigation and enforcement of judgments.

- Step Abroad Safely with Expert Advice

Those living in a foreign country, either permanently or just temporarily, may often have difficulties with the laws and customs of their new country of residence. Our attorneys, with their international experience, will help you cope with the foreign legal system. The counseling for expatriates includes, amongst other things: retirement pay and asset planning, as well as insurance; drafting of contracts of employment, and legal issues in cases of termination of work contracts; conclusion and termination of tenancy; agreements; tax and customs questions; litigation; residence and work permits and other administrative matters; translation of documents.

- Advice for International Properties

The law of properties knows practically no internationally harmonized rules. Accordingly, cases involving the law of properties with foreign connections regularly lead to many complicated questions. In particular the acquisition of real property or apartment ownership is subject to entirely different rules in each country. The tax burden involved in these transactions is often substantially different as well. These aspects have to be taken into account when arranging succession of property, be it in the form of property transfer during the transferees' lifetime or in the form of inheritance. Particularly where international inheritances are concerned, the fiscal burden is often considerable. Taxes can be minimized considerably through early planning and configuration. We draft a tailor-made solution for you. In cases where a death occurs, we will also support you in coping with the administration of the estate and the other arrangements at hand. Our counseling is focused on: minimization of taxes in the succession of property by way of foresighted arrangement; tailor-made wills in international cases; international estate administration.

Abogado de derecho inmobiliario en Cartagena - Murcia

Abogado de derecho inmobiliario

Calle Dublin, Pol. Ind. Cabezo Beaza
30353 - Cartagena
Cartagena, Murcia
: 0034-609-106772
Indizze: 109 puntos
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Calle Dublin, Pol. Ind. Cabezo Beaza, 30353, Cartagena, Murcia, España

servicios - Abogados de derecho inmobiliario en Cartagena y Murcia

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Al estar en Cartagena tambi�n le pueden interesar servicios como Abogado de derecho inmobiliario cerca de Unión, Algar, Torre-Pacheco, Alcázares, San Javier, Fuente Álamo de Murcia y San Pedro del Pinatar.

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